Finding the Right Book

“There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.”

Frank Serafini

As the leading advocate for family literacy and reading aloud in Hong Kong, we are often asked by parents, “What are the best books to read to my children?” Over the past ten years, we have accumulated a comprehensive list of the best English and Chinese children’s books. In response to the growing demand for our recommendations, our book guide was created by our team of dedicated literacy specialists, librarians and consultants who have volunteered their time and expertise to research, tag and thoughtfully select from thousands of books for positive child development.

Special Note on Our Age Ranges: BMABHK provides age ranges as a benchmark for users of our book guide, however, we recognize that every child has a different reading journey that is very personal. We also recommend for parents and educators using this guide to search for books outside of your child’s age range. Older children can benefit from many concepts found in sophisticated picture books. Younger children can benefit from having conversations with parents who are reading selective chapter books together. Read more…

Why We Are Unique

Welcome to the world’s first ever bilingual search engine for English and Chinese children’s books! Encompassing 100 topics – covering popular interests, life experiences, desired character traits and award winners – our team of passionate literacy specialists have done the ‘heavy lifting’ to help time-starved parents and educators find the best books for their children. Our hope and aim are for these thoughtfully selected books to be used as tools to open meaningful conversations with children on important topics, such as diversity and environmentalism as well as on critical developmental areas such as empathy, confidence, resilience, and special needs.